Apr 25, 2023
Neone to collaborate with IBM to help advance sharing and communications solutions to customers worldwide
Today, Neone is excited to share a new collaboration with IBM to help enhance Neone’s current suite of software solutions.

Neone will leverage the power of IBM Cloud to help address the scalability, reliability, and security of products from across the Neone portfolio. Neone will also be participating in the Fintech @ IBM Cloud for Financial Services program, which will allow Neone to grow its business on a financial services industry-specific cloud and leverage IBM’s ecosystem of partners to accelerate solutions and target clients faster.

Specifically for Neone, this means the added ability to help expand and scale the reach of Neone’s new privacy solution for groups and organizations, Neone Spaces, to clients worldwide. Look forward to growing the collaboration with IBM to meet the growing demands of Neone clients.

Check back soon for more!

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Neone Spaces gives you an all-in-one-platform to chat, share, and store, without giving up your privacy.

It’s your own private web with many of the most widely used features of Zoom, Dropbox, and Discord – customized for your businesses or community, and the individuals within it. No ads, data tracking, mining or moderation… ever.


Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Neone was founded to ensure that communities have the power to set their own terms so that conversations flow and ideas can flourish.

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