Your space to protect and grow Ideas

Neone Spaces gives you an all-in-one-platform to chat, share, and store, while staying in control of your data.

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Some things are best kept private.

We’ve combined many of the most widely used features of Zoom, Dropbox, and Discord into one seamless space – customized for your businesses or community, and the individuals within it.

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Your own private web furnished with all the tools you want, all in one space.

  • Incredibly easy setup, no tech skills required
  • Media-rich social feed - listen to music, watch videos, and preview files all inside the app
  • Converse and collaborate easily and with confidence, knowing it's all private


You control your Space, you control your data.

  • Data cannot fall into the wrong hands, because it’s always in your hands
  • You decide who to communicate with, what to download, what to share
  • Data is encrypted in transit and at rest with your private key


No ads, tracking, or data mining.
No nonsense.

  • Neone doesn’t see, access, or monetize your personal data – it’s all yours.
  • Every Neone member will have a unique encrypted hub that only they can access and keeps their connections and communications private
  • Unlike other platforms, your files and conversations don't live on someone else's servers

Ideal for families, social groups, political orgs, communities, and small businesses

  • Collaborate on important work, knowing your data is yours
  • Be free to be yourself - all in one seamless space
  • Guard sensitive information and conversation with privacy
  • Escape the noise of social media, mass opinion, and moderation
  • Protect your ideas from threats like data leaks and groupthink

“When it comes to sharing, communication, and the future of the web, privacy and hosting can't be an afterthought.”

The Neone Pledge

We pledge to keep your data private and ensure that communities have the power to set their own terms so that conversations flow and ideas can flourish.

Neone was founded to give people the power to share content and communicate with their friends and communities without giving up their privacy.

Today, we're stuck between the conversations we want to have and the price we have to pay - whether it's giving up our data, being vulnerable to leaks or feeling uncomfortable voicing our opinions.

Because current communication and sharing platforms were not designed with privacy and security as the first priority, we have been left with no choice but to accept platforms with widely ranging privacy protections and limited control over our interactions.

At the same time, it has always been the case that some things are best kept private. We need the space to think, talk and work freely, without the fear of exposure or self-censorship. That’s why at Neone we are creating private spaces for communities to chat, video, share, and store, on their own terms.


What makes Neone private?

Every Member of a Neone Space is given a unique secure server we call a Neone Hub. Members of one Space will not see Members of another Space

How do you pronounce Neone?

It’s pronounced “nee - oh - nee”

How is Neone encrypted?

At rest and in transit, user data is secured with 256-bit AES encryption. Every account in a Neone Space resides inside a unique and encrypted Neone Hub (cloud-based container) assigned to the user. The Neone app connects to that hub through encrypted VPN tunnels. All data in each Neone Space is encrypted with the Host's unique private key.

Is Neone compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and other privacy statutes?

The Neone privacy policy is compliant with the CCPA and most of the requirements of the GDPR and other national and regional privacy statutes.

Ready for a space on your own terms?

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